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Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park

Life is better in the trees!

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Get ready for an adventure unlike any other!

Climb, swing, balance and soar through the trees at the hottest new outdoor attraction in Grand Rapids!

How does our system work?

Treetop Adventure Park will offer the same type of experience and Clic-It belay system as in the videos to the right.

This system provides a way for you to securely and independently traverse through the trees. Everyone receives ground facilitation at the beginning of your experience where you will learn how to use your gear and move about the course. We also have staff throughout the park and on the main deck; providing guidance and offering help if you need it.

Grand Rapids Treetop Adventure Park

Who can climb?

Bring the family, get together with friends or grab a group from the office for an adrenaline-pumping activity that offers something fun for everyone.

Adventurers aged 4 and up are welcome to enjoy the fun challenges and experience all the twists, turns and thrills on a self-guided, aerial, treetop tour. For the younger kids we do recommend a parent climbs with them, especially for their first time if they’ve never done a course like this before.

What is it like?

Rather than ski trails in the mountains, these are man-made treetop trails — comprised of zip lines, swinging logs and even large fisherman nets — of increasing difficulty and height, some as high as 42 feet in the air. Courses require participants to use a wide variety of skills such as strategic and creative thinking, balance, strength and patience. You’ll be sure to use muscles and critical thinking skills you don’t use on a daily basis. As you can at a ski resort, we recommend starting off on one of our easiest courses to get a feel for the different types of elements, and then work your way up the levels from there. For first-timers, this is required.